Raa Djarsi Back Story

100 A.D.
(translated from proto-indo European)
Along the Turkish coast, Raa Djarsi and Jacqueline Shakti walk amidst lush hazelnut tree-covered hills, and come across a Parthian merchant outside of his bazaar on the outskirts of the town of Behram.

“Uncertainties abound
As firmly taking root
Practices far from sound
Man as commodity
Journeying west
In this the future be found.”

Raa and Jacky looked at each other and made note of the sinister rhyme. Clearly the merchant, who from the looks of his stockpiles of weaponry specialized in providing artillery to Parthian warriors, was hinting at a very concerning change in the direction of the free market.

Man as commodity

Jacky put her baskets down and went to a nearby tree to perform pushpaputa mudra, allowing herself to receive information from the source of it all. She experienced a vision of a needle entering a balloon cast in the shape of the earth, then spiraling on its own axis, turning into the shape of a corkscrew, and proceed across the axis of its diameter to the other end of the balloon, piercing it and emerging the other side. She noted that the balloon did not burst. She opened her eyes and looked at Raa.

“Despite the sinister changes that will come about, there is no need for transcendence or avoidance of problems which may arise, no matter how dire. What the world is asking of us is simply flow of directed intention, from the center, expanding outwards, in a balanced series of actions that involve language, decisions, and commitments, without attachment nor loss of energy. The changes that will occur will occur simply in the event of over-identification with conditioned perceptions and the absence of accountability of both historic and psychospiritual truth.”

The merchant, hearing this, responded, “Sahelian kings have adopted the Roman practice of slavery (or shall I say Greek ha!), and have created a market across the great African desert. Exponents of the free trade such as myself will capitalize upon this new commodity, make it widespread; despite a certain sorrow in my breast, I cannot deny I am excited about the profits I and my descendants shall reap. Any heroic attempt to thwart this world-wide trend will require abundant energy, and if you so choose to accept this fight, you will lose! Ha!”

Raa looked at Jacky and smiled an acknowledgement of understanding. He proceeded to the merchant’s cart full of iron blades, calmly handed him payment, and walked away…


Raa Djarsi was born approximately around 2700 BC, a time when the Egyptian Pharoahs, the Chinese Emperors, Indian Maharajas, and Babylonian God Kings played major roles on the world stage. It was a time of feuding warlord tribes and
gorgeous cities such as Ninevah, Dwaraka, and El Mirador.

He was born into an Indian tribe that worshipped and honored the Earth itself as the Deity Sacred- there was no concept of a masculine deity separate from the Earth. This tribe lived in the foothills of the Himalayas in a forest of jackwood trees, The closest large city was Hastinapur (modern day New Delhi), so this was a decidedly non-urban setting, although it was a very large tribe.

He was born to parents who were peaceful and multi-faceted, who told him stories of the Yadava chief Krishna, who had become a legend by then (in future times this Krishna would be treated superior to the Earth Deity herself). Krishna’s major legacy was the concept of the “philosopher king,” a man who combined elements of the scholar/sage/scientist as well as the warrior/monarch. A philosopher king would prove, in Krishna’s estimation anyway, to be a solution to the endless wars that ravaged the globe, by favoring peace, common humanity, and diplomacy over war.

In this intellectual environment, Raa Djarsi was reared, proving to be a thoughtful, studious, and imaginative child. He studied the sciences, both naturalist and mystic, and upon reaching his 21st year, assumed leadership over the weekly ritual under the ancestral giant jackfruit tree in the center of the village, honoring the goddess Planet Earth Mother. This ritual featured music, dance, chanting, storytelling, and hypnotic experiences.

His people generated no waste; their entire way life was built into the fabric of the natural ecosystem of the foothills, typical of indigenous tribal cultures around the
world. He was able to sing well, speak with focus, concentrate and discuss with depth multiple subjects. He was deeply interested to know how the life, the planet, and worked.

However eventually political turmoils overwhelmed his village…


April 25, 1670 A.D.

Atop the Rock of Gibraltar, Raa Djarsi’s third eye collided in harmony with the essential All; uttering “Aham Brahmasmi,” he breathed deeply and prepared for the
descent down…

Leaving Iberia was double edge sword. On the one hand, Raa Djarsi could remove himself from the disquiet from unending war and conflict with pirates, Moors, and Turks; however he had to say goodbye to the luminary company of Spain’s artistic
geniues. The writing of Cervantes, the painting of El Greco, and the music of Guerrero had been soul nourishing. Moving forward, he wanted to continue to meet those creators who were the architects of the European Renaissance…

Moving northward along the Portugese coast, he discovered pristine white sand beaches, a most friendly people, and one of the largest collections of bird traffic he’d
ever seen, along the Ria Formosa lagoons. He’d sit on the long sandy inlet reefs, and
watch as birds from distant lands careened in on wind currents and take rest on the
multiple cork trees on the Formosa coast. It was a nourishing reminder of the inherently journeyman nature of migrating species…and of himself.

He was heading for the British islands off the coast of Francia; he had heard of
brilliant woman named Althea Fell who had been incarcerated at Lancaster Castle
because of her statements about divine issues that had raised a hue and cry among
the religious establishment of her time. Althea had made the statement that all human beings harbored the “Light of Chist” within their bosoms. He had a lot of respect for Jesus Christ, whose theatrical life overshadowed even that of Dionysus, with whom Raa Djarsi had spent those years millennia ago. Raa understood that the followers of Jesus held him in a special place in their hearts, since Jesus represented universal tolerance, justice, pity for the meek, compassion, meditation, and kindness. In his own experience, Raa had always seen the female heart as the typical repository for such attributes of the human soul, but deeply respected that Christians associated such things with Jesus.

After all, it is the meaning behind the symbol which matters…


…absorbed in structures grand, and in the pursuit of romance…


Sept 15, 2011

Raa Djarsi sits at the desk positioned at the window facing northeast in his 8th
floor office, a pen intercalating repetitively between the fingers of his left hand, a Styrofoam model of the lattice structure of rutile in his right, his eyes focused on the words on the email opened on the computer screen in front of him.

“Bodies of mercenary diamond traffickers found to have titania in stomach and
small intestine. According to the Kimberley Process, black market diamond kingpin
Kamsa may be responsible for the deaths…threatening letter found on the bodies
of the deceased…vowing to “seek out the purveyor of titania-based fake diamonds.”

He closes this email and opens the next, this one addressed specifically to him.

“Need new product. –O.”

He pauses to reflect. It was simply a matter of time before Kamsa scientists figured out the infiltration of their supply by counterfeit synthetic titania, engineered from rutile…A new product is necessary otherwise more deaths will occur…

He puts down the model, picks up the phone, dials the number to his lab with three fingers, and starts scribbling on a notepad.

“Kantaka, its me. Its time to unveil the new carbon aerogel. Can you have today’s
product sent up to me? Yea, ok. It didn’t collapse? Right. You know why right? Neon. Ha! How ironic that these sleazy gangsters will be selling a new product
made from the same material that lights up their red light districts. Yea, you’re
right. We need to talk to our colleagues on the ground in Mozambique.”

He hangs up the phone. He looks down at the notepad, and smiles. On the
notepad is a sketch of the lattice structure of diamond. He turns back to the
computer, and types out an email reply to “O.”


New product ready, will be indistinguishable from diamond, in fact may potentially destroy the black market for good, since it is actually diamond, made from amorphous carbon aerogel filled with neon gas. At very high pressure and temperature (recreating what occurs in the earth), the aerogel lattice structure
realigns to conform to that of a diamond, the preferred structure under such
conditions. The neon prevents collapse of the structure. The resultant product is
indistinguishable from the Earth’s version. We need to communicate with our
people on the ground in Mozambique, informing them of a new supply of product, independent of mining.”

He pauses, reflects, and signs “RD” before clicking SEND…